Journey Australia is a community-based, Christ-centred discipleship ministry that offers a safe place to experience the love of God in all aspects of life.

I came to journey because…

“Christianity has always been unsafe for me. I was left at a home for missionary kids and never really got to know my parents. The home was a legalistic environment. Everything was measured. I longed for love, and so looked for it in all the wrong places. I found for the first time that Jesus is real , and now I’m being knit together in my soul by God’s love, one tiny step at a time.”

“My issues are depression and suicide in my family. There are not a lot of places in the church to talk about that. People don’t know what to say. I found a place to bring my stuff, to hear what the Bible says about the consequences of sin. I got a real sense of the presence of the living God from the group context – and testimonies of the leaders and the prayer in groups.”

“I spent much of my life trying to be a good Christian, a good person, a good leader. When I got hooked on porn, I knew I had to keep it a secret. I struggled alone and in shame for many years. Through Journey, God helped me get free from the double-life I was living. He healed my heart and is helping me walk free from porn.”

You are on a journey…

No matter where you are on your journey, one of the Journey programs can help. Our programs are based in and supported by various churches across the country.