Where can I go to share my pain and struggle? Will anyone listen to me? How can I deal with my struggle? I’m alone, and afraid to tell anyone what’s really happening in my heart.”

Such thoughts and questions plague many Christians. The Journey Discipleship Course provides in-depth discipleship and prayer support with the goal of helping individuals experience Jesus in their relationships, sexuality and identity.

Who’s it for?

This course is for anyone willing to be open with others about their life, and who desires to deepen their relationship with Jesus. It is for those struggling with relational, sexual, or identity issues (such as unhealthy relationships, self-hatred, shame, sexual addiction, pornography, abuse, marital problems, unwanted self-identified same-sex attraction, etc.)

“When I first came to the Journey Discipleship Course, I could barely speak about my hurts, shame and guilt. But within the safety of the small group, I could let go of my pain. I slowly gave my wounds to Jesus, and He met me in marvellous ways. Ever since, He has been restoring my soul so that I can live as the man He desires me to be.”

What’s involved?

Each evening of the six-month Journey Discipleship Course consists of worship, teaching, and prayer in small groups. These gender-specific groups (confidential and closed group format) are safe places for bringing our struggles to God and each other. There are weekly reading assignments for reflection, study, and prayer.

Participants apply and are interviewed prior to their enrolment in the course.

Course content includes these topics:

  • God’s intention: relationships and sexuality
  • Understanding relational, sexual and identity struggles
  • Receiving the Father’s love and affirmation
  • Naming and confessing our sins
  • Being empowered by the Holy Spirit
  • Understanding addiction and temptation
  • Encountering Jesus in our wounds
  • Gender and identity
  • Understanding abuse
  • Forgiveness
  • Living as healthy men and women
  • Finding Christ in community
  • Healthy friendships
  • Embracing the church as a healing place

Where is the Journey Discipleship Course offered?

Currently the Journey Discipleship Course is being offered in Melbourne. Other cities are planning to offer the Journey Discipleship Course in the future.